What is Braci?

raci Inc. developed a wireless and unique smartphone application that can recognize multiple sounds from our daily lives. The smart ear recognizes  sounds, and shows a picture of the sound that it detects. The app. is able to identify fire alarms, doorbells, phones, car horns, and more. It detects most fire and theft alarms in the market and it gives you the ability to record your own doorbell and baby crying sounds.  efficient when it comes to quick response(unlike baby monitors or flashing light doorbells). All of our indirect competitors offer hardware-only solutions that can only be used indoors and they often require changes to the infrastructure of buildings (like expensive deaf fire alarm systems).  Braci can be connected to smart watches and devices, which enables an efficient and fast way to be notified of all situations.  The unique Braci platform is able to detect a broad range of sounds and alerts the user by vibrating, flashing your mobile’s light, and showing an image of the current event on your smartphone and smart watch’s screen.


How does it Work?


We are getting to know our world

By hearing and everyday we spend

of all time listening.



The biggest beneficiaries from Braci



Hard of Hearing

Severely hearing impaired and deaf make up about 1.6 percent of the population. Braci alerts and provides a tool in which the deaf are aware of sounds and alerts in the environment that enable them to feel safer and have a neat tool for alerts

Elderly often have hearing loss and trouble remembering things. With Braci they have an easy solution to remember to take their medications or answer the door when family comes.

Hearing Impairment is considered the most prevalent impairment worldwide. An estimated 600 million, 9% of the world population, have mild or worse hearing impairment. Braci detects sounds for those who can't hear.

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